Feeling confident about your finances.

Spending right. Saving money. Paying down your debt.

Earning more.

Creating opportunities.

Having the freedom to choose what YOU want.

You KNOW that there has to be a better way when it comes to your money.

You’ve read all the books. Watched all the experts. For some reason though, none of it’s stuck.

Good thing you’re here, because I know why your good intentions haven’t stuck.

It has nothing to do with you being bad with numbers or being “dumb” with money.

There’s something getting in your way that you aren’t aware of yet, And it’s all fixable.

What a relief, huh?

Hi. I’m Merideth the Money Coach.


I’m going to help you create a healthy relationship with money…and so much more!

Welcome to money coaching, an entirely unique – and effective! – way to approach money.

I’ve been working in the money world for more than two decades, and I love it.
Give me a spreadsheet to geek out on, and financial statements to peruse, and I’m a happy camper.
But this isn’t why I’m a money coach.
I became a money coach because 6 years, I experienced my own money crisis. It was hell on earth. I finally came out the other side of it and realized the physical and emotional injury I endured was mostly due to the shame I felt from what I perceived were my own mistakes.
The truth was, circumstances changed for my family and even though we made some brave choices, those choices didn’t pan out the way we had hoped.
As we started to recover, starting to put a dent in the debt we accumulated and putting some money in the bank, I was still extremely stressed about money. My stomach was still in knots, my body was tired, and I was scared all the time.
One day it hit me: Humans have an unarguable emotional link to money. Even though it’s simply a tool to buy things we need and want, we attach pride, success, shame and anxiety to it.
And it was then I realized that nobody – NOBODY! – deserves to feel anxious about money. I made it my mission to share my discovery with the world, and to help people start creating healthy relationships with money that go way beyond the budget, the bottom line, and your salary.

My clients get the results they’re looking for:

As a result of working with Merideth, I was able to charge more than I ever have for my consulting services and confidently land clients who are happy to pay those amounts. She also helped me make a key mindset shift when it comes to how I manage my income. That has put me on a path to reach important financial goals that have eluded me for years. Given the resulting boost in income, confidence and mental well-being around money, coaching with her has more than paid for itself. Jason Van Orden

Business Strategist & Consultant, www.jasonvanorden.com

  • Being able to work with Merideth first hand has been a great experience. She listened and understood the things that I was saying and not saying. She helped me dive deep into my blocks and provided great insight and helpful tips to move forward. Merideth asked thought provoking questions that helped guide me towards my own insight. She mirrored things back to me, so I could hear how they sounded for myself. Lastly, I really appreciated that she’s holding me accountable on my action steps from our session and will be following up with me.
Twyla Rey Clarke

Holistic Life Coach