>> Stop spinning your wheels and DITCH THE HUSTLE in your business starting so you can get momentum + money flowing again!



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 >> If you’re a smart and serious business owner who’s fed up with feeling overwhelmed by all the things “they” tell you you should do, you’ve come home.


I’m Merideth Bisiker and I’m a small business strategist and Certified Money Coach (CMC)® who’s going to help you take your business from feeling overwhelming to totally manageable.

I identify the gaps in your business that are losing you money, time and energy. And I provide you with simple, actionable strategies to fill those gaps and grow your business, step by step.

I know you’re always looking for ways to make more money and expand. Right now, though, you wonder why things just aren’t rolling out the way you envisioned. You’re working so hard, but you’re starting to ask yourself if the long hours and energy are really worth it.

The truth is, your business needs a solid ground to grow on, and it doesn’t have that right now.

But where do you start, right? What should your next step be?

When you and I meet, you’ll see your business in a whole new light, and you’ll grow your business by implementing a holistic approach that includes finance, marketing, outreach, team management, service, technology, and time management.

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So, since I don’t want to waste another second of your time, let’s get down to business.

You CAN have a manageable business.

I promise.

Your business doesn’t have to run your life. It’s possible to organize it so that you’re not running every time it calls for you. It’s time to show your business who’s boss.

>> When you bring me onto your team, you’ll:

  • get a polished plan designed for YOU and your business

  • receive 1:1 mentorship so that you won’t have jumping through hoops to execute your plan

  • know exactly what to do RIGHT NOW that will get you momentum and results

  • free up time to do the things you love to do in your business AND in your life

  • do all of this with a great sense of flow and simplicity 

Think of me as your contracted project manager. Depending on your business needs, you can bring me on short-term to deliver your Full Circle Assessment, or hire me on a longer term basis to help you see things through. I’m your consultant, coach, and advocate.

My clients get the results they’re looking for:

As a result of working with Merideth, I was able to charge more than I ever have for my consulting services and confidently land clients who are happy to pay those amounts. She also helped me make a key mindset shift when it comes to how I manage my income. That has put me on a path to reach important financial goals that have eluded me for years. Given the resulting boost in income, confidence and mental well-being around money, coaching with her has more than paid for itself.

Jason Van Orden

Business Strategist & Consultant, www.jasonvanorden.com

Through the Rise to Success Mastermind, facilitated by Merideth, as well as one-on-one email coaching with her, Merideth helped me translate tons of information, tasks and ideas, as well as my big picture thinking, into streamlined, practical steps. Merideth’s direct but gentle guidance, combined with the support and accountability of an amazing group of women, helped me get clarity and traction in my business. Merideth is gifted at recognizing, respecting and celebrating her clients’ individual strengths and needs and helping them create what works for them, while also intuitively nudging them into all they can be.

Leanne Chesser

Visibility Coach, Show Up and Speak