Your relationship with money shouldn’t feel like a hurricane.

It’s time to pull back, get a professional perspective, and start creating a healthy relationship with money.

So this is the part where I’m supposed to tell you that “I know you” and “I’ve been there, too.”

But since I’m all about efficiency and I like to get to the point, I’m going to give you the goods that you want right out of the gate.

I work with men and women who are feeling debilitated by their money stress. They live day to day with shame about past debt and mistakes, and when they come to me, they’re ready to move toward change and opportunity.

I also work with small business owners who are running their businesses as solopreneurs or with a small team or employees. Your business is online or brick and mortar, and you can be local or halfway around the world. You have a business that’s overwhelming you and you want to make it manageable. You want to feel like you’re the boss again, and like you’re the one in control, not your business.

How am I doing so far? Is it like I know you?

I’ve owned my own selection of businesses, but over the past three years I’ve been supporting small business owners as both a Certified Money Coach (CMC)® and Holistic Life Coach.

My path to being your coach has been a long and windy one (you can read the full story HERE ).

I’ll give it to you straight now so we get off on the right foot.

Merideth Bisiker Business Strategist The Old School House
I’ve got knack for helping you hone in on why you struggle with your money, and help you come up with new strategies so you can move ahead.

My “knack” is natural, but I had to go through my own challenges and crises to learn what I lead by example with.

This is what my life looks like now:

  • I’m a mama to two girls who I raise with my husband of 18 years (26 years together. Yes, high school sweethearts!)
  • Those two girls include a pre-teen and a younger daughter with high-functioning autism and ADHD. 
  • I’m executive producing two TV shows in 2018. Stay tuned for casting calls and details and production unfolds.
  • I quit my part-time government finance job in July 2017. I built my coaching business working early mornings and nights, and the perseverence as paid off in being able to leave my job.
  • I’m now a full-time entrepreneur and Director of Education and Technology with Radiant Coaches Academy. managing partner Drop the Mic Speakers Agency and CoUP.
  • I love to sing classic rock and I bang out my wonky energy on my drum kit. Rock and rolling hits me in my soul and its my way to create and reenergize.



Merideth Bisiker, B.A., is a Certified Holistic Life Coach (Radiant Coaches Academy) and Certified Money Coach (CMC)® (Money Coaching Institute) who helps men and women create healthy relationships with money. She’s also the Director of Education and Technology with Radiant Coaches Academy, and managing partner of Drop the Mic Speakers Agency and CoUP.

Merideth uses a holistic and traditional life coaching method to help her clients move toward the future they want. She also leans on 23 years of experience working in banking and finance to provide her clients with resources and plans for their finances.

Merideth’s available for local, national and international speaking events. She’s also executive producing and hosting two network television shows in 2018. Stay tuned for details!

Merideth lives on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, and raises her pre-teen daughter and younger daughter with high-functioning autism and ADHD with her husband of decades. She loves to escape into the forest, and when that’s not possible, she sings classic rock and plays her drum kit. Merideth is also a self-professed book addict, and eats up books on self-discovery, neuroscience, and business. 

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