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Discover what's holding you back from feeling successful with your money (it's not what you think!) and how to finally get your budget working for you.
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Save yourself the time, energy and frustration that comes from creating complicated spreadsheets or and fighting with hard-to-use online budgeting tools.

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DAY 1:
Your money story is important, and you might find it holds you back from having a healthy relationship with money. (Think shame, feeling like you're "dumb" with money, or arguing about it with family.)

Here's the good news: In this challenge you're not going to dwell on the past. This is your chance to create the vision for your new money story. 

It's time to give your money a new, positive energy!
DAY 2:
What if you created a budget that actually took your desires into account? What if your budget made you feel FULFILLED instead of DEPRIVED?

Don't sign up for one more "money diet" that brings on negative emotions that feel limiting, shaming and just plain boring! 

I'm going to lead you through an easy process that helps you feel fulfilled and VALIDATED, no matter what your budget looks like.

DAY 3:
Much of your financial success will come from feeling - and KNOWING - you have power over your finances. 

Learn new techniques you can use to have effective conversations about money with your partner.

And feel confident about making choices with your money, even when your family, friends and advisors are trying to talk you into decisions that you know don't serve you.
"Just had a BREAKTHROUGH session with Money Coach Merideth and she ROCKED my money world. I was able to identify a few of my key MAJOR money blocks and uncover deep rooted limiting money beliefs I had. I am SO grateful to Merideth for her help and cannot wait for my next session with her. I HIGHLY recommend her for ALL your abundance needs."

- Felicia Fay King, Nashville
Meet Your Money Coach:​​
​​Merideth Bisiker is a trained Holistic Life Coach who specializes in money coaching. She encourages “regular, everyday” people to follow their personal dreams – because achieving them is priceless. After working in banking and finance for two decades, Merideth endured her own money crisis. She turned her fear into a spiritual awakening, resulting in creating a fulfilled life for herself and her family.
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"In one hour of coaching with Merideth I got more clarity and comfort for my next financial steps than I have in the last year. I highly recommend Merideth as a coach and I see myself working worth her again in the very near future." 

- Brad N
, California