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“Greatness is not a function of circumstance. Greatness, it turns out, is largely a matter of conscious choice, and discipline.” 

James Collins, Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap…and Others Don’t

I’m excited that you’re stopping on this page to see how we can work together. It really is an honour.

I have flexible options for you that will suit your commitment level and budget. I’ve seen what works best for my clients and I know what gets you the best results for the best value.


You’re ready to bring me onto your team when:

  • you’re excited about trying new ways to do things (because the old, repetitive ways aren’t getting you anywhere)

  • you’re able to express your vision for your business and life, and you can set a specific goal (I can help you set that goal)

  • you’ve decided that your business is ready to grow and so are you; you’re tired of feeling stuck and overwhelmed and you want a manageable business

Terms and conditions for all services will be provided at the time of purchase. See HERE for legal and privacy policy.


1 hour, one-one-one $199 CAD

A Focus Session is perfect for you when you’re ready to dive in, discover where to focus first on your business, and get serious momentum over the next month.

Book this session to discuss ONE of these obstacles in your business:

  • you’re overwhelmed by all the responsibilities in your business and you want support to help you regroup
  • you can’t figure out why you’re not getting momentum in your business
  • you’re struggling with getting sales
  • you’re confused about which marketing strategy works best for your business
  • another obstacle not mentioned here (Not sure if I cover it? Email me at to ask.)

Here’s what a Focus Session will do for you:

>> Renew your confidence in your business AND as a leader

>> Give you a SIMPLE plan that gets you results when you implement it (we’ll get clear about the results you want in your session)

>> Set the wheels in motion to be able to better serve your customers


  • You’ll complete a short questionnaire you when you secure your booking to help both of us make the most of our call

  • We’ll meet for one hour via Zoom teleconferencing. 

  • I’ll follow up with an email summary of our call and outline your plan of action, and one week of email support (except weekends)

  • This does NOT include a Full Circle Assessment (see below)

  • When you book your Full Circle Assessment within two weeks following your Focus Session, use your $199 CAD fee as a credit 


Starts at $1,500 CAD /  $1,270 USD

(price depends on number of employees)

You’re smart and you can get stuff done in your business.

>> The problem RIGHT NOW is that you don’t know WHAT to do next.

Every day you sit down at your desk, ready to take massive action, and instead you stare at your computer wondering if anything you’re doing is the right thing.

Shiny object syndrome gets in the way of your progress, and at this point you’re confused about what’s going to get you momentum in your business.

You’re not the only one. In fact, this is where so many business owners get stuck.

It’s the reason I created the Full Circle Assessment.

Your Full Circle Assessment is exactly what you want when you’re ready to gain solid ground in your business. 

After you complete a comprehensive questionnaire and we meet one-on-one to determine how you want to expand your business, I’ll deliver a polished written report with an analysis of your business’ strengths and weaknesses, and I’ll advise you where you can best focus over the next 90 days in order to reach your goals.

The benefits of a Full Circle Assessment include:

  • an objective bird’s eye view of your business that provides honest, direct feedback about your business
  • a holistic report that examines all aspects of your business, including marketing, finance, leadership, team management, and work/life balance
  • an action plan that is clear, concise and easily executed
  • a recommended list of resources and service providers curated especially for your business

Here’s what a Focus Session will do for you:

>> Get you CLEAR focus so that you can confidently manage your company

>> Provide you with a plan to share with your team or employees so that you’re all on the same page and working with the same intention

>> Give you more time to enjoy what you love doing in your business AND in your life


  • Prior to scheduling your assessment, we’ll meet for a quick call to ensure that it’s the right next step for your business. You can book your discovery call by clicking on the button.

  • After you submit your questionnaire, you’ll book your 90 minute assessment Zoom conference call with me to review your responses and to settle on your goal and strategy
  • You’ll receive two weeks of ongoing email support from me (except weekends) to help you implement your plan



Starts at $3,000 CAD / $2,500 USD

per month / contract basis

If you’re a big picture person and don’t like to sweat the details, you can bring me onto your team as your short- or longer-term project manager.

I’ll coordinate your service providers, manage communication with your team members, and coach you and your team as you move into new, unchartered waters.

My expertise lies in organization, finance, inbound marketing and coaching, and I’ll prove to be a positive influence as you expand your business and your vision.

Support will include, but is not limited to:

  • conferencing and phone support
  • ongoing assessments in order to recalibrate when necessary
  • team coordination
  • communication with service providers

This is the perfect solution for completing a project on-time without worrying about a long-term commitment to an employee.