New date and location to be announced


* This is a RECOMMENDED CLASS prior to enrolling in the BTB: Budgets 101 class on Saturday February 24th. See link below.
BRING A FRIEND and qualify for the couples rate.
Create a happier and confident relationship with money at this 1/2 day retreat. Created for men and women of all ages and all financial backgrounds.
Enjoy a nurturing experience where you’ll discover new techniques to master your relationship with money. Experience holistic group life coaching with conversations centered around improving your finances. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by your own discoveries about your relationship with money!
The event will include a 60 minute session with Deanna McClintock, owner of Divine Elements, who will lead an introductory lesson on meditation and self-care practices.
Also join a short session to learn techniques for releasing stress and anxiety from a certified yoga instructor.
During the retreat, Merideth the Money Coach will guide through exercises to:
– learn how to ease the anxiety you feel about your finances
– discover how to communicate effectively about money so you can improve your relationships with family members, friends and employers
set your own priorities for your money and leave with the confidence to follow through on your commitment
Bring your journal and pen, snacks, and water and other favourite non-alcoholic beverage.
This event is 4 hours with a 20 minute break at 1:00 pm.



New date and location to be announced
* New to money coaching? I recommend also enrolling in the Beyond the Budget Retreat so you can create a healthy financial foundation prior to creating your next budget.
BRING A FRIEND and qualify for the couples rate.

Are you finding it hard following through on that promise? Are you secretly worried that it’s just not going to work out – again?
Budget 101 is exactly the workshop you need to get traction with your money and your goals.

Merideth the Money Coach is going to lead you through a simple, hands on process that to help you create a PLAN for your money that is realistic AND encouraging.

The thing is, budgets usually feel like MONEY DIETS. Constrictive, full of rules, and a reminder of past mistakes.
When you wrap up the Budget 101 class, you’ll walk away feeling IN CONTROL, positive and totally aligned to your own goals and desires.

I’m not promising instant riches (if I could, I would!). I AM promising a new way to look at money and how you approach your expenses, saving, and debt repayment. I don’t recommend a single formula because each person and family requires a unique approach. Discover what your own approach is!

During the class you’ll:

– Map out your spending plan for the entire year
– Look at new ways to reduce your expenses
– Explore ways to pay down debt
– Learn how to start saving money NOW and watch it grow, even on a modest income
– Learn about how to create your own “growth mindset” so you’ll be open to new earning opportunities, whether it’s asking for a raise, looking for a new job, or starting your own business

After the class you’ll:

– Take the lead in your finances, confidently making decisions about your money and asking for what you need and want to support your new journey with money

– Feel safe knowing that you have the tools to communicate effectively with your spouse and family about money – no more arguments!

Start achieving one or more of your financial goals in as soon as 30 days!


There’s no reason to put this off any longer. You have the desire. You have the professional money coach on hand to support you. And you’ll have the right tools

The event is 3 hours with a 15 minute break.